School of Arts & Social Sciences


The School of Arts & Social Sciences offers a curriculum focused on fostering the development of the skills essential to be successful in the global service economy of the 21st Century: writing, critical thinking, debate, analysis, and an understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity.

Department of Business

The Department of Business stands for quality, leadership, service and a commitment to excellence in education. Their goal is to graduate students who combine a high degree of technical competence and preparedness to assume positions of interest and responsibility.

Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology offers two, four-year curricula leading to the Bachelor of Arts in General Psychology and the Bachelor of Science degree in Counseling Psychology and two Master of Arts degree programs. Each course is built on the basic philosophy that the “true principles of psychology are found in the Holy Scriptures (1MCP 10.1).”

Department of Education

The professional education sequence is designed to provide experiences that prepare educators for early childhood, elementary and secondary school settings. The program provides a broad-based liberal arts foundation and practical applications that foster the holistic development of students who are liberally educated and professionally prepared.

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